Legal Practice Areas

DGK lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in numerous areas of practice, the added benefit of having legal practitioners who have advised clients from various industries empower us with the ability to truly understand our clients’ needs and to exceed their expectations.
We practice in the following areas:

Administrative Law

We provide our clients with advice regarding their rights in law and will endeavour to ensure their rights and interests are always protected.


We have, on multiple occasions represented clients in arbitration hearings both locally and internationally & successfully handled complex disputes, including ones involving multiple jurisdictions.


Our experience in banking laws and regulations is extensive, to say the least.


Writing is as imperative to a lawyer as oxygen is to our survival; an outstanding contract is one that leaves no stone unturned, whilst being enforceable by the courts, for it is also legally sound.


DGK has assisted clients on land matters at many levels; probate, transfers, evictions, removal of caveats, corporate and acquisitions are some of the services provided by us.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Though we regularly handle general corporate matters such as regulating practices and restructuring, we also provide legal advice, assist in negotiations and draft both standard and exclusive commercial arrangements.

Criminal Law

We believe in the legal maxim “innocent until proven guilty” and the constitutional right to be represented in upholding and defending one’s beliefs. We boldly and fearlessly act for our clients who require legal representation.

Employment Law & Industrial Relations

Due to the high volume of cases we handle in this area, our team is well acquainted with the procedures and practices of the industrial and labour courts enabling us to rake in numerous successes for our clients.

General Litigation

Litigation has repeatedly been likened to war; being well-seasoned practitioners with years of experience under our belts allows our clients to rest easy, knowing that the big guns are not spared if the need arises.

Insurance Law

DGK often advises clients on interpretation and enforcement of insurance and contract and/or breach thereof. We are regularly called upon to and do provide legal opinions thereon.

Matrimonial & Family Law

Keeping in line with our motto of honesty, ethics and integrity, this practice area is handled with the utmost discretion and a great deal of sensitivity is provided to our clients and their families.


Mediation is a very effective and interactive process where an independent party assist the disputing parties in resolving disputes through specialised communication and negotiation techniques.


Mining companies regularly face an array of legal and business issues that range from day-to-day operating concerns to issues involving complex regulations and compliance.

Probate & Administration

This practice area demands a high level of professionalism and discretion to reassure the families of the deceased that their estate is being dealt with by a skilled and capable team.

Shipping & Admiralty

We have a team of litigation specialists who are skilled in all aspects of international trade, with a niche in the area of shipping and admiralty law.